Committees Overview

Northeast Regional Ocean Council conducts most of its work through three Committees focused on advancing regional priorities.

NROC Organizational Chart

Ocean Planning

The Ocean Planning Committee works on regional efforts to improve the coordinated management of commercial and recreational uses of the ocean. The Committee’s activities focus on engaging stakeholders and the user community, providing data and tools for ocean planning, and identifying approaches for developing and implementing a regional ocean plan.

Coastal Hazards Resilience

The goal of the Coastal Hazards Resilience Committee is to render New England a coastal hazards-ready region by providing existing federal, state, and municipal programs with state-of-the-art data and tools to advance planning and response to storms, shoreline erosion, and coastal inundation due to projected sea-level rise from global warming.

Ocean and Coastal Ecosystem Health

The Ocean and Coastal Ecosystem Health Committee is working to ensure that the importance of ocean and coastal ecosystem health is recognized as critical to the long-term sustainability of our region and that all levels of government have access to and utilize comprehensive information to manage ocean and coastal resources.