The Ocean Planning Committee is one of three NROC Standing Committees. This committee was established to inform and recommend to the Council how best to approach regional issues and coordinate activities related to ocean planning in New England. This Committee’s work is directly supporting the efforts of the Northeast Regional Planning Body.

Committee Members

Ted Diers, New Hampshire (State Co-chair)

Mel Cote, EPA (Federal Co-chair)

Kathleen Leyden, Maine

Matthew Nixon, Maine

Steve Couture, New Hampshire

Chris Williams, New Hampshire

Bruce Carlisle, Massachusetts

Grover Fugate, Rhode Island

Brian Thompson, Connecticut

David Blatt, Connecticut

Regina Lyons, EPA

Betsy Nicholson, NOAA

Christopher Boelke, NOAA

Daniel Martin, NOAA

Michele DesAutels, USCG

Leann Bullin, BOEM

Jeff Reidenauer, BOEM

Jeff Waldner, BOEM

Peter Murdoch, USGS

Walter Barnhardt, USGS

Jeffrey Flumignan, DOT

Joe Atangan, Navy