Resilient Shorelines

NROC has established two working groups to study issues and solutions to make our coastlines more resilient: the Living Shorelines Group and the Marsh Migration Group. The goal of NROC’s Living Shorelines Group is to facilitate regional knowledge-sharing around living shorelines and coastal green or natural infrastructure. The Marsh Migration Group is an initiative first sponsored by NROC in 2014-15 to advance the effective use of models of marsh migration in the context of management and policy.

Featured Activities

Resilient Shorelines Grant Program

Through the Resilient Shorelines grant program, NROC funded several projects to deliver decision-support tools, maps, data and information to support coastal resiliency in the Northeast.

Living Shorelines Stacker

A new click-through educational product introduces shoreline property owners to a cost-effective, eco-friendly option for protecting shorelines from waves, storms, and other causes of erosion: living shorelines.

Make Way for Marshes

Make Way for Marshes

The report Make Way for Marshes: Guidance on Using Models of Tidal Marsh Migration to Support Community Resilience to Sea Level Rise covers the entire modeling life-cycle.