Living Shorelines Group

The goal of NROC’s Living Shorelines Group is to facilitate regional knowledge-sharing around living shorelines and coastal green or natural infrastructure. The Living Shorelines Group is one of two NROC groups engaged in Resilient Shorelines, along with the Marsh Migration Group.

Featured Activities and Products

New in 2022

Piloting Living Shorelines in New England

Overview of regional partnership led by The Nature Conservancy with the Northeast Regional Ocean Council, state Coastal Zone Management programs and local organizations to advance appropriately designed living shorelines in New England.


Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities for Living Shorelines in New England

Report highlights key regulatory challenges and opportunities to better support the application of living shorelines in New England.


Living Shorelines in New England: Site Characterization and Performance Monitoring Guidance

Report provides guidance to inform site characterization and performance monitoring for Living Shorelines in New England. Metrics and data collection tools for different types of living shorelines are outlined to advance knowledge about the performance of these approaches in New England conditions.

Case Studies: Living Shorelines in New England

Case studies provide an in-depth look at five living shoreline demonstration projects developed to advance knowledge and understanding about permitting, design, construction, and monitoring of living shorelines in New England.


Other Products and Activities

Living Shorelines in New England: State of the Practice

Report highlights practical considerations for property managers, regulators, coastal municipal leaders, scientists and practitioners, who are interested in advancing living shoreline (nature-based restorative approaches) policies and practices. Profiles provide an overview of techniques, conceptual designs, case studies, siting characteristics and design considerations as well as regulatory agencies that oversee designs.

Living Shorelines Stacker

A click-through educational product introduces shoreline property owners to a cost-effective, eco-friendly option for protecting shorelines from waves, storms, and other causes of erosion: living shorelines.

Advancing Green Infrastructure and Living Shoreline Approaches

NROC and partners highlight products and resources from this 2016 through 2019 NOAA-funded effort to increase understanding and implementation of living shorelines or nature-based approaches to coastal infrastructure in the Northeast.

Nature-based Coastal Infrastructure Practices in New England

Issue and project overview highlighting ongoing efforts of NROC and partners to increase resilience and reduce risk through successful application of nature-based coastal infrastructure practices in New England.

Group Membership

Juliana Barrett, CT Sea Grant Rick Bennet, DOI Fish & Wildlife Service – Reg. 1
Patricia Bowie, MA Coastal Zone Management Jim Boyd, RI Coastal Resources Management Center
Dave Burdick, University of New Hampshire Allison Castellan, NOAA Office of Coastal Management
Steve Dickson, Maine Geological Survey Leah Feldman, RI Coastal Resources Management Center
Peter Francis, CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Trish Garrigan, U.S. EPA – Reg. 1
Adrianne Harrison, NOAA Office of Coastal Management Kirsten Howard, NH Department of Environmental Services
Julia Knisel, MA Office of Coastal Zone Management Jessica LeClair, Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation
Regina Lyons, U.S. EPA – Reg. 1 Becca Newhall, NOAA Office of Coastal Management
Kevin O’Brien, CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Jennifer O’Donnell, University of Connecticut
Tonna-Marie Rogers, Winyah Bay NERR Peter Slovinsky, Maine Geological Survey
Tin Smith, Wells NERR Rachel Stevens, Great Bay NERR
Megan Tyrell, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Adam Whelchel, The Nature Conservancy

If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact Adrianne Harrison at or Tricia Bowie at


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May 2015 Kickoff Meeting:

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